Why Choose YGQ?

Your child deserves the best education at the top boarding school in Beijing. We aim to inspire each and every student to reach new heights. At YGQ, your child will not only receive a world class education, but she or he will also develop a broadminded worldview. Regardless of your home country, learning with us will open doors anywhere in the world.

Kindness, respectfulness and committedness are important values at YGQ, and we feel very strongly that they should be nourished in every aspect of our school. If you share those values, YGQ might be the school for you.

After browsing our website, we hope you gain a sense of the great energy and spirit that exists at our school. We are a school who value the importance of community to support learning and bring out the absolute best academic success in every student.
Come and visit us and experience it for yourself!

At Yang Guang Qing International School of Beijing, we take pride in offering a unique educational experience for young adults in grades ten through twelve.

The following are representative of YGQs many unique characteristics:
Challenging academic university preparatory curriculum
Multicultural learning environment
All classes are taught in English
Focus on creativity, problem solving and application of knowledge to real world situations
A North American philosophy, teaching methodology and materials
Required Chinese language classes for both native and for non-native Chinese speakers
Instruction based on childrens natural inclination for inquiry and discovery
Serves both host country Chinese and the international business and diplomatic community of Beijing
Emphasis on each students personal responsibility for learning and success
National Chinese school calendar
Offer three diplomas: Manitoba (Canada), Chinese and Ontario (Canada)
Community service and environmental responsibility
Accreditation from the Manitoba Ministry of Education, the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Ontario Ministry of
YGQ is also proud to be partnered with the University of Winnipeg Collegiate C the only high school in Canada affiliated with
    a University.