1 Francois St-Jean

Mr. Frank is the principal. He is also a math teacher. He loves challenges, experiment new things and meet new people. He has been in education for 20 years and loves to interact with the students. What he likes? Reading comics, American football and of course tourism.

1 Camie Lam Fu

Hello, I am Ms Lin, I have been a teacher at YGQ for many years.  As you probably know I am a Chinese-American, I grew up and spent most of my adolescent years in California.  After high school, I went on to study Business in Chapman University and obtained by degree in Marketing.  Due to the unique experience of living and working abroad, I've come to enjoy traveling and learn about various cultures around the world. I hope one day I'll get to travel to all the continents around the world and taste all the delicious cuisines from different countries.


Sarah Overstreet
Sarah grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She earned her Master of Natural Resources from the University of Georgia, and her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Florida Institute of Technology.Mrs. Overstreet taught science for two years in Florida. Additionally, she spent one year in Paraguay as an Environmental Conservation Peace Corps Volunteer.Her favorite things to do are exploring nature, traveling around the world, being creative, and playing card games. In high school, she competed in the International Science Fair.


Benjamin Overstreet

Ben received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX, and a second Master of Science in Applied Psychology from the University of Georgia. This is his fourth year teaching. Ben is a Floridian at heart and has lived a few places in the U.S. and spent a year in Peace Corps Paraguay as an Environmental Conservation Volunteer. He loves to travel and plays guitar and drums in his spare time.

Jaimie Dunbar

Jaimie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Bachelor of Education from Vancouver Island University and teaches mathematics. Her teaching philosophy is based on the simple premise that a happy mind is most fit for learning; so she strives to bring joy into every lesson she teaches. Miss Dunbar is from a small city in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She loves hiking and travelling.

1 Alycia Smith
Alycia grew up in Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba, Canada. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with an education degree in the middle years stream. She loves to travel and becoming an educator was the perfect profession to allow her to do so. She has lived in China before and even worked at YGQ before in the 2014-2015 school year. She loves all types of music and she is a Harry Potter nerd! ¡°Let's continue to make YGQ an amazing place to learn, live, and grow!¡±
1 Ryan Gruver

Ryan teaches 20th Century Western History (or simply put History).  He has a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago. He enjoys all types of music, reading, and strategy games. His favorite things about China are the food (especially hot pot, noodles, and dumplings) and all of the amazing historical places to see.


Justin Brown

Mr. Brown is from Newnan, Georgia, USA, just south of Atlanta. He received his B.A. from Furman University in South Carolina before moving to China in 2012. He lived in Shandong Province for three years before moving to Beijing. He first came to China in 2007 and loved it so much that he came back again the following year. He has taught English, history, and art and music appreciation. He enjoys singing, hiking, computer games, tabletop games, American football, tennis, and reading.


Patrick Whelan

Patrick received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Master of Arts in Public Administration, Population, and Development from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. He also studied Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple, and yoga in Thailand. He is in his fifth year of teaching and has taught subjects such as Calculus, Statistics, Science 1, Science 2, Business Communications, Computing, and Graduate Transitions.

1 Theo Johnson

Hi, my name is Theo Johnson and I am from Canada. I was raised in a part of Canada called the Prairies, the Prairies have hot summer and cold winter (sometimes it gets as cold as -40 degrees Celsius).  Although I am from a city called Saskatoon in the Canadian Prairies, I have lived in Victoria, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Halifax. Internationally I have lived in England and now China. I have been lucky enough to visit over 30 foreign countries in my life.


Marko Vuckovic

I teach English and Social Studies. I have two degrees in philosophy, one in education, and one (in progress) in theology. My overall interests are in what is called ¡°praxis,¡± the interconnection between theory and practice. I am a very strong advocate of both speaking and writing for personal interest, and believe that learning, at its highest, is therapeutic.
I love teaching because of his love for the greatest teacher of all time, Socrates. He is the person that convinced me that learning is most valuable as a tool for living better, and is one of the most important investments someone can make.


Kara Sentance

Kara is a Science teacher, teaching the basic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. She has four years of teaching experience in the international school; she is a serious and strict teacher.


Ms. Enns

Chebri grew up in a small town in southern Manitoba. She has always had a passion for sports and physical activity. Her favorite sport is hockey. She went to University of Regina and graduated with a Bachelor¡¯s degree in Kinesiology and Bachelor¡¯s degree in Education, specialized in Physical Education. This is her first year teaching and she is looking forward to teaching at YGQ and getting to know each of the students. Her goal is to build relationships with her students so they know


Annie Forget

Annie was born in Montreal, Canada, and bilingual (French & English), Annie completed a Bachelor in Education at University of Ottawa, a Bachelor in Communications at the University of Montreal, and studied at the Graduate level in Adult Education at Yorkville University.Annie taught at the Elementary, Secondary, as well as at the Adult levels, mostly teaching languages (French and English). Although teaching is one of her passions, she particularly enjoys writing, learning, reading, and painting.


Benjamin Haynes

Benjamin Haynes is from Abingdon, Virginia and has lived in China for about 5 years. He graduated with a Bachelor¡¯s degree in Philosophy with a minor in English, and has a Master¡¯s level teaching diploma from Cambridge University in teaching English as a Second Language. He has been a teacher in many different countries including China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand, and has taught a range of different people, from high school to university, as well as adults. He¡¯s very interested in languages and how we learn them. In his free time he enjoys reading, hiking and biking. He has been a teacher with SBS for three years.